Wearing masks make people equal!

In ancient times, the Venice Carnival was first held with the ritual of wearing masks so that social classes would disappear and everyone was the same with hidden faces.

Every human being is born with the special structure to show their personalities and their unique characters. Over time, with the natural physical development and environment, the face and skin of each human being is imprinted with their own life situation and social class.

The mask is a weapon to prevent others from seeing what’s really hide inside each person and the bond between the truth and the lie. Why do people wear masks? To hide themselves? Or to show that they want equality in society?

Venice masks always have empty eye sockets, the soulless eye sockets. But is that really true? Behind those hollow eye sockets, there are always hidden eyes, which cannot hide the depth of each individual.

Carnival, the makeup game, the play of life, the world of suggestion, opens yet closes.