Grow up

I always wonder why my mom has extraordinary expectations for me. Mom always lets me learn things that she did not have a chance to and expects that I will be successful.

I have been asking myself that question again and again during my young days.  And not until I turned 28, did I realize and find down the answer. It was the time I knew I conceived and was expecting the first child.

The decision of having a baby is always a courageous one, with full of responsibilities and challenges also.  The woman accepts all the sacrifice, physical variation and those hard days of pregnancy. Children are invaluable assets, hope and the future of their parents.  Every mothers would nuture and entrust things that they have not completed in her life to her children.

With the artwork “Grow up”, I used my own hair as material with weaving and embroidery techniques to illustrate the pregnant belly and the growth of the fetus through the abdominal skin cracks. With the inner layer, I used Silicon pouring technique to create a soft and elastic spherical surface, which brings a sense of movement within the body.