Exploring yourself has always been the subject that touches emotions and curiosities of many artists from past to present, and I’m not out of it. Each artist have different approachment to find the way to understand themselves. For me, I choose to approach my passion through the skin, fabric, wool, natural fibers, paper … – my favorite materials that inspire me to create extremely abundant art.

While composing, I mainly use weaving techniques to combine the materials into a unified whole, creating installations, making viewers excited and curiously want to touch and explore them. I always try to make my work dialogue with the viewers.

Regarding composing ideas, I always keep the “dreamy” spirit as the basis for any of my art works in the past, present and future. As an artist and an art educator, I realize that the “dreamy” spirit not only lays a foundation of inspiration, but also breaks stereotyped boundaries so that I can be free to explore and create.

And it was the “dreamy” spirit that helped me embark on the field of art education when I founded Ti Toáy Atelier in 2013 – The field in which I learned and experienced two roles at the same time: an art educator and a visual artist. Being a curriculum programmer and direct coordinator at Ti Toay Atelier, the biggest goal that I and my team aspire to accomplish is: how to build creativities for Vietnamese children in the context of globalization with the interfere between East-West cultures taking place more and more strongly. About the past 3 years, I have also started to learn about Art Therapy when I feel the novelty of this field for adults.


2012: Group Exhibition “Mini-Textile” at Jean Lurcat Museum in France, Italy, Spain

2014: Solo Exhibition “Carnevale Di Venizia”

2015: Solo Exhibition “Nesting”

2016: Group Exhibition “Yu Yu Vietnam Blue” celebrates 20 years of US-Vietnam relations

2017: Exhibition “Collection of Mini-Textile art works” at Beaux-Arts d’Angers Museum, France

2019: Exhibition “Thai Nguyên”