The combination of Artist Nguyen Thuy Trang and Ha Binh

“Thai Nguyen” is a journey that we return to the purest core values ​​of ourselves: the dreamy spirit. We believe that the dreamy spirit not only lay the foundation of creativity but it also is the motivation to create positive energy in our daily life. Therefore, while working, we are completely free to implement our ideas as well as express our emotions.

In the working process, we literally cleared the distance between teacher and student so that we could collaborate as two closed friends, two artists who have the same sense of perception.

Regarding materials, I am fascinated to the rare beauty of Vietnam’s natural fibers such as jute, rush and water hyacinth. These fibers are soft, elegant and easy to create texture that assist in expressing the idea of ​​our works and create visual effects. For Ha Binh, this was her first exhibition so she chose acrylic on canvas and wood to showcase her techniques and imaginative ideas.

We hope that through these works, Thai Nguyen will give you positive feelings as well as suggest more new “dreamy spririt” ideas for viewers.